About me

For me books are great friends. Today I am a small publisher, I write, design and develop apps for children. I feel really lucky. I hope to never stop telling so many new stories

In 1995, after a Scenery Degree obtained in the Academia of Belle Arti in Urbino, I decided to follow the Master Degree in Narrative Writing at the Holden School in Turin, where I learned to narrate, placing the magic of words, next to the beauty of images.
In 1997 I approached television, entering the School of Writers of Mediaset in 1998, and in 2000 as a television writer of entertaining programs for satellite and analogical television.

As a guide, during these years, the need and desire to never abandon paints and colors.

Since 2011, I’m living a beautiful adventure: having given birth to a sparkling publishing house for children, full of ideas called Edizioni Piuma.
Piuma stands for Feather, and like a feather it’s light, pleasing, aerial, it knows how to fly, and how to make imagination and creativity fly: www.edizionipiuma.it

My Style

The path I follow every day, fascinates me and describes me:

I search for a visual language that is flexible and concrete at the same time; and that with the use of intense and primitive colors realizes delicate and happy forms, veined with candid irony, close to the child’s consciousness.

My goal is to continue recounting through images, and to always be a better ‘writer of images’.

What I Use

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Corel Painter, Hype, PubCoder, FinalCutx, Motion, Adobe Premiere, Unity